• Are you in need of a website?
  • Do you need to upgrade or update your website?
  • Or do you already have one but don’t have editing access anymore?
  • Or maybe you have editing access but the site is so complicated that you have no idea what to do or how to do it…

No matter which one of these issues you might have, we have solutions for all of them!

If you have no website at all…

  • We can build you one that meets today’s needs and mobile platforms
  • We will train your staff your how to use the simple interface to edit the content at any time without the need for a web designer

If you already have an existing site that is more than 2 years old…

  • We will update your site to a responsive site
  • We will show you how to do this without extensive knowledge of HTML
  • We will show you how to do this without a costly investment

In the past users would see the entire website on their phone’s small screen where the print and content was much too small for easy navigation and zooming in and out was constantly necessary in order to view content. Buttons were too small and hard to access without a mouse

Let us take the frustration out of your website design or upgrade. You no longer have to worry about having a separate mobile site for phone users as today’s technology allows us to solve this issue.

What is a responsive website then?

  • It’s a site that changes its appearance to accommodate regular and mobile navigation and viewing
  • It makes it simpler and easier to use for mobile users only making the more important aspects available for pressing by changing formatting and graphics

Why is this important?

  • 25% of web users are mobile only
  • 85% of today’s mobile phones are smartphones and internet enabled

What else do you need to know to get started?

  • We will test and assess your website
  • We will make scalable recommendations based on your needs and budget
  • We will provide you with a short term and long term website management system

We then train you or your staff to use the simple interface to be able to edit the website yourself once it is completed. Basically if you can use MSWord, then you can use easily edit the site yourself at any time. You are FREE to make instant changes whenever you need to without having to pay a web designer.

Call us today to find out more!