Local Social Media

Let’s face it, people today spend more time posting and reading about what they are doing and what others are doing on Social Media than any other social activity!

Here are some cold hard facts for you:

  • Facebook has over 500 million users
  • They are adding 1 million users per month
  • At least half of those users use FB almost every say for significant lengths of time

So what are they posting about??

  • Activities they are doing (including movies, music, restaurants, books and experiences with businesses)
  • Holiday destinations, hotels, car rental companies, diets, air travel
  • Questions they need answers to; random philosophical stuff, advice on where to do stuff, or request for product/business reviews
  • These discussions and comment go on with their local FB friends, none of which are currently your customers!

What does this mean to you and your business?

Have you ever seen a negative post on Facebook about a bad experience someone has had with a local product or business? Have you also seen the amount of comments it generates?

It’s free publicity, but not the kind you want…

Now imagine a customer having a positive experience with your business…

Then imagine them posting about said experience on Facebook in the same way as before.  Don’t you think this would vastly improve your chances at getting tons of new business?

In fact…

You have a 78% higher chance of gaining a new customer due to a socially influenced web search than from just being found by a high ranking with a search engine.

Do you just need to get on Facebook then?

Facebook is definitely one of the most influential and important social media sites out there without a doubt! However, we don’t recommend just using it alone, as there are many other options available to be able to properly dominate your field.

Call us today for comprehensive answers to your social media needs:

  • We will provide both short and long term social media strategies
  • We can implement them for you in a “done for you” package, or show you how to do it yourself
  • We will customize your social media package to best suit your business needs and budget