Did you ever wonder…?

There you are doing a search on Google and all of a sudden these red pin markers appear! Have you ever wondered what they were for?

Well for businesses that have a Google+ Local account, they are there to highlight your location. This platform has been created as a way to feature your business in a prominent manner and help your customers to easily find information about you and your business.

Why is this important? We are very glad you asked!

  • It’s a one stop shop combining social, search, and local directories into one entity
  • It gives you ranking in search engines that can place you at the top of the list for local keywords.
  • It provides you a platform to directly engage your customers where they can leave reviews, message you and interact with your business.

So how can this affect you and your business?

  • 20% of all searches are for local things
  • Over 95% of mobile searches are for local things
  • 80% of these people will take direct action to contact you or your business
  • A huge percentage of monthly searches could be specifically targeting your business

What are the benefits of your business having a Google+ Local listing?

  • It provides you a platform to “localize” your business
  • Customers can easily find all of the necessary info contact or locate your business
  • They can read reviews to help them make informed buying decisions

This is why it is imperative for you to have a local presence with Google+ Local. It is absolutely essential to acquiring traffic to your site, inquiries about your services, and putting money in your pocket!!!

However, there is a lot more to it than just getting “listed” on Google+. We know all of the “behind the scene” settings and actions to help you dominate your market.

So let’s get you started on the right path to getting yourself properly set up on Google+ Local.

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