The ultimate hyper-local weather station is coming to Arlington.

The BloomSky networked weather station will be installed in southwest Arlington within a few weeks.
It has:

  • Ultra-wide Angle Real-time Camera for viewing the sky
    • Captures pictures of the sky every 5 minutes, creating a time-lapse video at the end of the day
  • Dependable Weather Sensors
    • Measures temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, UV exposure, and precipitation using reliable sensors
  • Constant Data Collection
    • Records weather information uninterruptedly with the solar panel option
  • Designed with Durability
    • Adapts to the harshest weather conditions, including gusts, downpours, dust, and UV radiation
  • Smart Wireless Integration
    • Connects seamlessly to the WWW
  • Broadcast to the World
    • Provides the ability to share weather data and images to the community and the world

We selected BloomSky because it provides:

Watch for the BloomSky button on our website when it goes live!